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    Long-term family office relationships built on trust, performance, and risk mitigation.

    Canon has become a global leader for family offices that value trust, personal relationships and consistent asset growth coupled with risk mitigation. With an unwavering commitment to the twin hallmarks of quality and excellence, Canon has successfully served family offices for two decades. Canon has never lost a client to a competitor, and continues its growth through referrals from clients, law, wealth and accounting firms globally. The experts at Canon are sought-after by those looking for unparalleled results from an up-to-date modern firm that values old-school, highly individualized personal service.

    Our Approach

    Canon’s reputation with families is sterling for a number of reasons – including the fact that each family office receives the highest degree of individual, personalized attention. Unlike larger firms, Canon has developed meaningful relationships with its clients, many spanning over two decades, based on integrity, trust and mutual respect. Canon’s team of experts are always available for conversations or face-to-face meetings whenever necessary. While our expertise is truly second-to-none, and our track record of growing assets is the envy of others, it is our family-driven, relationship-oriented philosophy that further differentiates us from others. For insiders, Canon has become a name they know, with a history, reputation and legacy they trust.


    We are real estate and investment specialists providing access to opportunities that others are not capable of. This has been a key differentiator of Canon’s business model, and the benefit to its family office clients for two decades. Our knowledge of and access to a variety of deals is due not only to our location in the fulcrum of perhaps the world’s most coveted real estate market but also, to our network of well-placed contacts throughout the world.


    At the heart of the Canon family office is the company’s founder, Alexander Radosevic. As an industry leader with a level of knowledge second-to-none, Mr. Radosevic has built a team of like-minded individuals. Each individual provides knowledge and expertise, but of equal importance, adheres to the values and philosophy that differentiates Canon from others.

    Proud Sponsor and Speaker at the
    Family Office Investment Symposium 2018

    A highly acclaimed three day Investment Symposium providing ample opportunities for family offices to discuss the investment outlook for 2018 – held in Santa Monica, California.

    With a unique, and inspirational video introduction, Canon Business Properties Founder and President, Alexander Radosevic, approached the stage to the sound of an applause, as the crowd was already energized. He shared the stage with other luminaries such as ABC TV’s Daymond John from the hit series Shark Tank who spoke after Mr. Radosevic shared his own intimate knowledge and expertise in what was a compelling and engaging speech.

    Radosevic also shared some of the secrets of success that have contributed to the growth of his company and which have led to Canon’s representation of prestigious family offices and others of wealth and prominence that have sought Mr. Radosevic’s guidance and counsel.

    Click here to view the most recent press coverage of the event.

    “Astute family offices - whether larger or those with fewer resources have sought our firm because of the very clear differentiators that separate us from others.”

    Alexander Radosevic, Founder and President of Canon Business Properties

    At Canon, we have learned over time that having an intimate knowledge of virtually every specific family office investment product and the resources to bring those products to the table for our clients allows us to be full service in every conceivable way.

    But of equal importance, is the fact that we are a not a “cookie cutter” company, rather, we understand the underlying needs of each and every family office.  We are able to address the unique – and often difficult issues that may arise, and we do so in a customized fashion understanding the needs of the financial elite.   This is a different formula than practiced by others but it works for us because it serves our clients very well. “Yes, it is different – but, it is different by design.”

    Questions? We are here to help you and your family.

    Canon works with a vast variety of family offices throughout the globe – some with only a couple members, and some large enough to run their own country. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about how we can help your family office – whether it be for real estate management, or cryptocurrency investment – we are here to help.

    How Can We Help Your Family?

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